As well as adventurous travels, I am also pretty adventurous in the kitchen. Here are some of my creations...

Posh Bacon Kilties (Pigs in Blankets)

These are an absolute favourite and don't hang around long! Out of anything I've made I get asked for this recipe the most so enjoy!

 The quantities are just for guidance but you can be quite liberal with how much of everything you put in.
Goes without saying, CONTAINS SHELLFISH!

Prep time: At least 3.5 hours!(Don't let that put you off!)
Cook time: 20 minutes

Set oven to 200°C

~12 (Orkney!) Scallops (roes - the orange bit - kept on! Adds to the taste!)
500ml Maple Syrup
12 rashers of Streaky Bacon
Dash of soy sauce
1 tsp Dijon mustard
Sprinkling of brown sugar

Equipment: Baking tray, cocktail sticks, glass pyrex dish/bowl, cling film.

1. In the glass bowl mix together maple syrup, soy sauce and dijon mustard.

2. Put scallops into the mixture and cover with clingfilm. Marinade in the fridge for at least 3 hours but you'll get the best results if you leave them overnight!

3 Place bacon in strips on the baking tray and cook in the oven until opaque - just cooked, the crisping comes later.
4. and wrap around scallops - hold with cocktail stick. Cook until the scallops are opaque and the bacon is crisping up nicely. 

5. Remove the cocktail sticks and serve either straight from the oven or chilled - if you can leave them alone for that long!

Don't knock it until you've tried it...

Chocolate French Toast

To Grab:

Cocoa powder
Chocolate chips

Dissolve some cocoa powder is some warm water to form a thin paste.

Mix the paste up with some eggs and cream until smooth and runny.

Dip those slices of brioche all in there.

Heat up a frying pan to a medium-high heat and melt up some butter.

Fry one slice of brioche and flip after a few minutes.

Put a few chocolate chips on the cooked side.

Immediately add the next slice of eggy brioche to a seperate part of the pan.

Once one side is cooked place it on top of the chocolate chips.

Carefully flip the sandwich and cook the other side, nobody likes burnt chocolate!

Add some more chocolate chips and continue stacking in this way as high as you want to go!


Feta and Red Pepper Borek/ Boerekas

I found these in Marks and Spencers and then decided to make them myself at home, the next day, as they were so good. Again my lack of measurements may become a nuiscence here but these are very much an "add too taste" thing... Plus I think recipies are very dumbed down these days, I think you lot are intuitive enough to play around and make things your own!

Set the oven at 200 degrees C/ Gas Mark 4

These would make a great starter as they take no time at-all and there is barely anything to them, you will need:

Some defrosted filo pastry, or make your own if you are that good.
Feta cheese - any brand will do as I am pretty sure I used one of Tesco's cheapest and they were still delicious!
Cream Cheese -  You can go crazy and use some of those infused versions with added spices/flavours.
Red Peppers - Chopped and diced and if you fancy you can roast them with some oil and paprika spice, but it's no biggie.

1. If you bought a block of feta, I would suggest mixing the whole block with about a tablespoon of cream cheese and add in some of the diced peppers, as much as you want. This should make you at least 10 Bourekas.

2. Roll the cheesy mix into sausages about 3cm long, not too long as they will explode out the end of the pastry and wrap and roll with the filo until you are about halfway along. It's probably best to load 4 sausages of mix onto a sheet of filo, ie. two sausages at each end and roll into the centre. Use a knife and seperate, filo pastry can be a bit of a bastard so watch out!
 - Alternatively make triangle parcels by cutting the filo into long strips about 6cm wide and adding a teaspoon of mix into one corner and folding into a triangle by folding the corner to the opposite side, like when you make a crisp packet into little triangles.
 - OR you can make then however you feel like really, make them in the shape of Turkey if you like it's up to you afterall!

3. Once the filling is within the pastry attempt to secure any loose ends using milk to mush them together so the fillling isn't going to ooze out onto the baking tray. Grease a baking tray and cover the pastries in milk/oil to give them some colour in the oven and put them in for about 10 minutes until they are golden brown.

4. Once out the over sprinkle with some smoked paprika, or sumac if you can get your hands on some but paprika works just fine, and enjoy either straight out the oven or later when they have cooled!

Multicultural Baking!

Since I have not had a chance to go on holiday recently, I have found solice in making foods from places I'd rather be. However not following the recipe, I've been creating an amalgunation of two recipes from else where in the world. Also beware, I have grown up without weighing scales in the house so I have come to learn that measurements are for sissies. 

English Scones + Hungarian Podasca

The  outcome are these amazingly filling yet morish dollops of goodness.

This makes about 12

1.5kg bag of Self Raising flour(or plain flour with a teaspoon of baking powder)
250g Butter (real butter not Margarine)
Enough Sour cream or milk to make the above into a dough (sour cream makes them much more dense  and filling than milk but milk is cheaper)
About 10 rashers of bacon, realistically as much as you want.
About 200g grated Parmasan but again realistically as much as you want.
Caraway seeds - not essential but give it a wee edge.
Butter for greasing and an egg for glazing, both pretty optional really.

Set your oven to about 200C/400F/Gas mark 6 and grease a baking tray with butter

1. Cut the block of butter into cubes and add it to the flour (which you can sieve if you want to but it's definitely not essential)

2. Now you want to get your hands in and make the butter and flour into a mixture that resembles bread crumbs. I hate it when people say that because I never think it looks much like breadcrumbs... It looks like this essentially:

4. Chop your bacon into as small bits as you want and don't throw away the fatty bits as those and the extra crispy bits! Throw it into a hot frying pan either with a bit of butter or not, it barely makes a difference!

5. While that's crisping up nicely add your parmasan and some caraway seeds into your "breadcrumb" mixture and give it a wee stir.

6. When the bacon is really nice and crispy add it to the now pretty cheesy mix, mix it all around and the add in the milk/sour cream. The dough should be moist enough to form a ball but not wet enough that it sticks to everything. It's pretty much preference here, a dryer mix will produce crumblier scones where are a wetter one will be, well, wetter.

7. Form some scone shaped dollops onto a greased baking tray and slosh on some egg which you have whisked into a cup. You can artistically sprinkle on some caraway seeds before putting them into the preheated oven for about 20 minute or until golder brown.


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