Monday, February 03, 2014

Dundee Bucket List

1. Walk up the Law both in the day and night.
2. Walk across the road Bridge.
3. Visit Broughty Ferry "beach"
4. Eat at The Tapas Bar
5. Have a Sunny's Curry.
6. All day BBQ and drinks on Magdalen Green
7. Midnight playpark trip
8. Visit St Andrews and moan about all the poshness.
9. Visit Tentsmuir for a real beach
10. Have a flat bake-off (for a bakesale or for fun)
11.Watch Dundee Stars play ice hockey
12. Cheer on and play for a uni sports team
13. Visit Clarkies at an ungodly hour.
14. Go on an adventure to bacon nirvana that is The Horn
15. Order a 3:30am Dominoes because you can.
16. Visit Riverside Tesco at an ungodly hour and buy something you really don't need.
17. Visit the new Olympia
18. Go to Camperdown Wildlife park
19. Catch the uni Night bus
20. Go along McGonagalls walk and remind yourself why "McGonagall has been acclaimed as the worst poet in British history" and finish up at Bridgeview Station for a scenic dinner.
21. Visit the Campbeltown or find your own local away from the Union.
22. Visit the Go-Kart arena
23. Go aboard the Discovery and Frigate unicorn
24. Walk up to the Observatory (and go in...)
25. Watch a film, eat and be cultural at the DCA
26. Go to DUSA's Skint one last time
27. Go to the Casino even if just to eat food.
28. Buy something priceless from the Recycling Centre
29. Visit The Botanic Gardens
30. Discover Frasers Fruit and Veg
31. Rummage in Grouchos
32. Walk the entire length of Perth Road
33. Visit Newport on Tay and Tayport
34. Bonfire night from the Law or Balgay Park
35. Venture into Fat Sams, liquid and Underground.
36. Enjoy a beer in Scotlands Sunniest city at Laings Beer Garden
37. Stay in the library until closing (or overnight for the 24hr period).
38. Eat in Perth Road's finest eateries (Don Michele, Malabar, Piccalo, Agacan...)
39. Visit Abertay Student union, just to see how the enemy live. 
40. Have a flying lesson or actually fly out of Dundee airport. 
41. Selfie with Desperate Dan and Dundee's Dragon
42. Wander in Dundee's Nature Park
43. Tell the people at Ketchup it's your friends birthday (and draw a picture for their wall).
44. Experience a Dr Noodle
45. Get a sandwich as big as your face from Supersnacks.
46. Have a Tonic burger.
47. Live in a "typical" student house, a close relative of the igloo.
48. Go watch the Arabs or the Dees.
49. Go to the Carpark Rave
50. Join DUSA Media!