Monday, August 02, 2010

14th August

We were all feeling the aches and pains of yesterday but none of us as bad as Tasha who was forced to walk with Deirdrie the doctor with "bjorn" as she probably wouldn't be able to do our trek today. Gabby and I had a few aches and pains but our "lie in" helped a bit. Mark even made us breakfast which was sweet but we learnt this was a tactic to get us up... However he was forgiven when he helped me pack my stupid roll mat and fixed my gaiters with duct tape.

Gabby and I were in charge of the map today briefly until Alistair "wanted a look." Probably for the best really, although I am exceptional at knowing places I am rubbish at navigation. However, none of us were as due to a non-existent river we went the wrong way down a peak and the wrong way down a road. As we plodded, in the wrong direction, Mark and I discussed travels and bread, he told me of the amazing flavours of bread he made. Tim then told us of some chili jam his friend made. It got to the point where we really missed home comforts, like bread. Two berry pickers passed us on quad bikes and a man who worked on a salmon farm. It was nice to see the locals and their level of English was impressive, it always makes me feel terrible about how ignorant we are to their language.

After getting lost several times we passed a reindeer farm that led to the main road and we knew "Bjorn", and camp, was nearby. The reindeer farm was abandoned as we assumed they were out on the plateau but it was discouraging that there were reindeer legs sprawled about the place looking disturbingly fresh. As we were observing such sights a freak hailstorm started and thankfully we headed to a bus shelter where Helen and her "trusty" minibus picked us up from the roadside.Turns out we had just walked the wrong way again as the bus took us straight back from where we came from. Again Bjorn had our stoves going and we got food but there was no constant water source so there wasn't hot chocolates all round. Gabby and I were devastated to find out that we were on the first bus to Kauteokeino at 7am. Therefore we took our veg bolognaise to the tent, to the disgust of Tasha, went to bed and crashed.

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