Saturday, July 31, 2010

13th August

We had a 10am start today and at least 24km ahead of us. We were woken up by an alien noise of two quad bikes and two sami men came over to speak to us. It was nice to see that not everybody was angry to see us there. The walk from our camp was long and tedious as the weather turned and we had to eat our lunch in the emergency shelters. We passed many different landscapes over the trek which must have been more than 24km. This included a river and so we had our first river crossing. Tasha was almost run over by a man in a quad bike, understandably as it was the guy from the huts we broke into. during lunch we were joined by a dragon fly which everyone else was excited to see but me, it was massive and I hate flying insects.

Even though Steve kept us fuelled with "Sweeties time" all of us were beginning to die as it hit 10pm, not just Tasha. Muscle pain, dehydration and the mosquito's were dire and when we discovered camp was further than we first thought we almost cried. However we eventually landed, literally "landed" at camp and "Bjorn" were already there and lit our stoves and got water boiled for us.It was a shame the mosquito's got so bad that we got some extra protein in our rat packs...

Tasha felt so ill that she was put on relaxants and for half an hour to get to bed before she would collapse. After a short story about Askalladin we crashed into bed before another super long trek tomorrow.

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