Sunday, July 04, 2010

11th August - "Is there somewhere to put the loo roll?"

" 7 girls, 2 boys and one lesbian means a party right? No just spontaneous biving in Arctic Norway.

We began today thinking we were leaving tomorrow at 7am as the mountaineering group did this morning, so we spent the day packing and carrying stuff down to the bus. Alistair also got apples and almost forced us to pay for them if we wanted one and even worse I lost my lucky Switzerland buff. However all was shook up at 4pm when we were told we were actually leaving at 6pm TONIGHT. There was great pandemonium packing the tents away which was fuelled by the massive tin of rice pudding.

Leaving base camp for the last time was emotional but it hadn't hit me that we probably won't ever go back, therefore we had our last moment on reflection rock before we headed down the hill with our heavy packs. It was really bizarre, we had got to know the land so well, we even knew each rock!

At the bottom of the hill we waited for the bus and Mike let us raid the left over food supplies. We waved goodbye to the kayakers and the steep climb to what was base camp and hopped on the bus where civilisation began to kick in as we say on out first real chair and felt the stuffy sensation that is air conditioning, which was actually a god send since certain hygiene problems became noticeable. Civilisation also kicked in again at the ferry terminal where there was the first real toilet we had seen and used, but Tasha was obviously still back at base camp:
"Is there loo roll?"
"Is there somewhere to put the loo roll?"
"Yes, in the toilet..."
"Oh yeah..."
The central heating made us overheat and the mirrors were just too much to handle. I felt particularly disgusting when we saw real people and how clean and made up they were. This was accentuated by the fact we seemed to be the main attraction. As we went to board the boat we were all dumbfounded by a door, but thankfully we managed to spur Sam to do it. The passenger lounge was the first time we had been under entirely artificial light as well as the constant noise from the engine and the lack of doors or open space made us feel trapped. As well as the distressed conversation I read the first aid book and learnt how to use the platypus as an enema.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived in Oksfjord and we headed left as that was where the campsite was, apparently. We passed many pretty houses and I had to convince Tasha to let me use her camera to take pictures to feed my fetish. We also passed playing fields which made me nostalgic about hockey. We came to a dead end which took us to a reservoir and we found a little viewing booth and before we knew it this would become our spontaneous biving site. We were followed up by these very little Norwegian boys who must have thought we were some kind of amusement as they started throwing coins at us. This also lead us to believe that someone might actually own this thing, so Tim and I headed up to the nearest house armed with my phrase book. The house was empty so we decided to assume this thing was public. Out came the stoves and we had tea before having "Circle Time" where everybody but Gribbs was a 9-10 on the mood scale. What the leaders said next would have taken our ratings way down as they said our group would be split into two groups of five. At first it was perfect, it was Gabby, Natasha, Rachael, Clem and I(Gribbs would have made it ultra perfect). It seemed too good to be true, no Alistair and no Emma, and we were right. Katie brought up that she wanted to spend a portion of the trip without any Dunblaners and so we had to swap Rachael and Clem for Alistair and Sam, there was no splitting up of the power three although it was suggested. It was sad because Clem didn't want to be with Emma as much as Katie didn't want to be with Alistair but after our emergency toilet talk to ensure everyone was happy we began to set up our sleeping arrangements which went as follows:

e Sam
l Rachael
C Katie
a Alistair
h Emma
s Gabby
a Rose
T Gribbs

That but a lot more cramped, the leaders Bivied outside by the way...

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