Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The next day we were off to collect two more expeditioners from Gatwick airport but when we got there the plane was delayed at first and when it did finally arrive we couldn’t see them…We mainly had our eye out for Alistair’s massive head of hair but when we saw the BSES t-shirt belonging to Katie she was next to his bald twin.
Back at the house Gabby’s mum had made us a roast dinner which we did not take for granted! That evening we attempted to sort our stuff out for taking on the plane, my challenge was to get my bag under 16kg. This war a difficult process that involved gabby’s friends helping me and dumping all my baby wipes and most of the other toiletries I had planned to bring. After that I was just on the 16kg limit. Then had to prepare ourselves to actually try and sleep before heading to the airport at five in the morning.

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